A Purpose-Driven Life

All my life I’ve been driven by the search for purpose—a quest that concerned me from the first time I asked my dad about it. He always told me that I’d find it—but in retrospect, it was never about me finding it. Your purpose in life is not like buried treasure. It’s not something that you can actively search for. And it’s not going to jump out at you.

Your purpose in life is a process of self-discovery, as you reflect on what makes you feel truly fulfilled. You discover your life’s purpose when you recognize what gives you a sensational feeling of growth and contribution, what fulfills the needs of your soul.

Here’s a clue how to get there: When you identify something you absolutely love to do and lose track of time while you’re doing it, your purpose is showing up! You just need to pay attention to it. Expect that your purpose will likely be a series of pursuits that evolve as you move through your life. One pursuit leads to the next. And not every one of them will hit the bull’s eye.

I often chose a pathway that didn’t feel very good at the time I was on it. But I can see now that all the things I did were necessary steps that ultimately led to fulfilling my evolving purpose. In my case, everything started with my devout love of baseball. It was my life. Then, as a teenager, I took a job at a local bank. That job wasn’t my ultimate purpose in life, but it provided a solid foundation in corporate culture, which was invaluable to me later as I created my own company—and just as significant, the guys at the bank introduced me to the game of softball! My instant love of that game ignited a spark that eventually led to my own softball team.

Upon graduating from college, I spent a decade in medical sales, a profession I hated and felt trapped in. Nonetheless, It taught me how to approach people, how to sell, and how to work autonomously. In fact, without the extreme dissatisfaction from my time in medical sales, I might never have struck out on my own to create my own business, the ABA Softball League.

Eventually came all the challenges of actually creating my start-up company, what would eventually become the children’s fitness franchise i9 Sports —the years working in the spare-bedroom home office, the endless hours on the phone, the printing and mailing in the wee hours, and the dozens of flights from my home in Florida to Long Island to acquire more fields. I got rejected more often than not, but never giving up ultimately led to success. It may have seemed like a coincidence at the time that I stumbled upon the NFL’s launch of a nationwide flag football league that took me in the direction of youth sports. But is there really any such thing as a total coincidence?

And it was those early days after moving to Florida that eventually led us to franchise i9 Sports, a company that has generated over $250 million, with the revenues benefiting hundreds of our franchisees and employees. We changed the lives of our staff by creating i9 Sports and then selling it. But most important, we changed the lives of over two million kids, giving them an experience beyond the game and an opportunity to learn how to succeed in life through sports.

The one constant in all this was a simple philosophy—to live life with no regrets—which would ignite a spark for my wife Nadine and me and lead to a life beyond our wildest dreams that has been filled with love and support through all the good times and bad, with our two kids at the center of our world. These are the pillars of happiness. And that, I know, is the very gift of life.

I hope that you’re inspired to discover your own purpose in life— and pursue it relentlessly with absolutely no regrets.

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In Frank’s book, Running With My Head Down, he shares the inside story of how he built i9 Sports from the ground up. It’s a story of perseverance and constant evolution – both for him personally and his business. Frank is grateful that he found and followed his purpose, and his hope is that his story can ignite a spark inside you to find the courage to do the same.

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