Here, Frank shares some of the many lessons he's learned in business over three decades in hopes of getting you through the many challenges quicker than he did!

Thurman Munson

The Day Baseball Was No Longer Just a Game

Forty years ago today, I was one month away from my eleventh birthday. Little did I know that my life was about to change in the most unexpected way. Like any typical ten-year-old growing up in the 70’s, my summers off from school revolved around baseball. Ever since I was four, and had seen my […]

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Frank Recording his Audiobook - Pose

Who Me? Record My Own Audio Book?

There’s no way I’m doing the voice over of my audio book! That was my immediate reaction to my wife, Nadine’s, suggestion that I narrate my debut book, Running With My Head Down, rather than having it done by a voiceover actor, which is often the case with audio books. I had a few good […]

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Welcome to My Blog!

Hi, my name is Frank Fiume and I’m excited to share my journey of how I discovered my purpose, revolutionized a century-old industry and built a wildly successful national franchise chain in 900 communities across thirty states. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, trying desperately get beyond the survival stage, need to get […]

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