Here, Frank shares some of the many lessons he’s learned in business over three decades in hopes of getting you through the many challenges quicker than he did!

The Key Component to Success All business and motivational books I read had one theme that continually struck me: The real secret to success is not talent—but hunger! You’ve got to feel a burning desire… Read More
Taking Destiny Into Your Own Hands You would think every business has to suffer during a recession. Especially a business involved in recreational sports. Parents cling tighter to their dollars, cutting off any non-essentials. That’s why… Read More
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help Small businesses often need help—an outside perspective from skilled advisors, mentors, or paid consultants. Finding that right person is key. But first, you have to be willing and receptive to… Read More
How I Weathered Through My Lowest Point In start-up businesses, we often focus on how long we’ve been struggling, and we forget to acknowledge just how far we’ve come—and how close we are to a breakthrough. As… Read More
Learning to Let Go Of the Past A week after I sold my company, i9 sports, I had no regrets. I felt free. It was absolutely the right time for me. There was no sadness or remorse… Read More
A Purpose-Driven Life All my life I’ve been driven by the search for purpose—a quest that concerned me from the first time I asked my dad about it. He always told me that… Read More
What Being An Entrepreneur Taught Me About Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose Babe Ruth always said that every strike brought him closer to the next home run. And I think the same about the success of an entrepreneur. Yes, there are times… Read More
The Day Baseball Was No Longer Just a Game Forty years ago today, I was one month away from my eleventh birthday. Little did I know that my life was about to change in the most unexpected way. Like… Read More
Who Me? Record My Own Audio Book? There’s no way I’m doing the voice over of my audio book! That was my immediate reaction to my wife, Nadine’s, suggestion that I narrate my debut book, Running With… Read More
Welcome to My Blog! Hi, my name is Frank Fiume and I’m excited to share my journey of how I discovered my purpose, revolutionized a century-old industry and built a wildly successful national franchise… Read More