About the Book

Focusing on passion leads to purpose, success, and a life of no regrets.

Frank Fiume, the founder of i9 Sports, the largest youth sports franchise company in the U.S., tells an inspirational and unique rags-to-riches story of how to live a life full of success and no regrets through relentless perseverance and commitment to personal development.

Running with My Head Down: An Entrepreneur’s Story of Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose is about discovering your purpose and following your dreams, no matter how elusive they may seem. Fiume recounts how he created i9 Sports from the ground up, after traversing a childhood of financial and personal hardships in Queens and Long Island, New York. The book addresses his difficult formative experiences and his rise through an ill-fitting but instructive career path to his first big business risk—franchising his i9 Sports concept—and then the establishment and growth of the company and its ultimate purchase by private equity, which equated to massive financial success for Fiume and his employees.

Accompanying the story of Fiume’s business success are principles that readers can apply in their own lives, ranging across business operations, leadership, personal responsibility and development, entrepreneurship, and self-care.

This is a thoughtful, unconventional, and engaging book about personal and professional growth and development, with lessons relevant to any entrepreneur or ambitious professional. Anyone who has started down a path of professional self-discovery who needs a little coaching and encouragement will find Running with My Head Down a true and unique inspiration.

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Praise for Running With My Head Down

“In his first book, Frank hits a home run, offering invaluable business lessons for entrepreneurs who want to create financial independence and a happy life.”

Kevin Harrington
Original shark investor from the hit TV show Shark Tank, inventor of the infomercial, and best-selling author

“I am so impressed with Frank Fiume’s incredible and inspiring story. He found and followed several ‘secrets for success’ to overcome obstacles and find fulfillment. I highly recommend it for anyone who dreams big!”

Dr. Alan Shelton
Author of Transforming Burnout and Life Beyond Burnout

“Frank’s new book transports you from Yankee Stadium into the ‘stadium’ of life! You won’t soon forget this story about the quest for purpose and what it takes to make it a reality.”

Glenn Plaskin
New York Times best-selling author

“To start and succeed in business is no easy task. However, to not only franchise your idea, but to also be the first in your industry to do so is nothing short of spectacular. Frank’s book is a must-read for any entrepreneur aspiring to franchise their business!”

Mark Siebert
CEO, The iFranchise Group

“Frank’s inspiring story demonstrates what’s possible when you live by the motto “A life of no regrets.” I’m so proud of what’s he achieved and more importantly how he’s contributed to helping the lives of others. This book is a must read!”

Ajay K. Gupta
Chief Investment Strategist, Creative Planning

“Love this book immensely as true success is defined by one’s purpose in life and the perseverance to get there. Frank is as transparent as it gets where any leader can relate too.”  

Christopher Salem
CEO of CRS Group Holdings and EFA Movement 

“Frank is a smart entrepreneur! I love when entrepreneurs become aware of their limitations and figure out how to leapfrog over them. Read Running with My Head Down and I’m certain you’ll learn a ton from Frank’s story of passion and perseverance!”

Brian Scudamore
Founder & CEO 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and O2E Brands

“Frank is an “everyman” entrepreneurial success story. While he is very smart, he didn’t make it because he is the smartest guy in the room. Frank isn’t fearless. He just doesn’t let fear get in the way of taking action. Frank isn’t flawless. He slams into guardrails, but he doesn’t go over them. Frank wins because he is passionate about his product, cares about people, and he hustles. One day my dad criticized me as a kid because my baseball uniform was too clean. He said, “If you aren’t dirty, you didn’t try hard enough.” Frank wins because Frank goes home dirty. Read this book, because you can learn from his success formula.”  

Joe Mathews
CEO, Franchise Performance Group